Underwater Camera – A Valuable Purchase, Know the Advantages

Choosing the best underwater camera is difficult, even if you have a guide to choose underwater camera. The digital revolution opened a new world now for the photographers wishing to plunge into underwater.

The underwater digital cameras permit to see the photo results immediately and it can be shared as you get home with friends. In fact, very few users have tried this underwater digital camera.

Which type to buy?

 There are underwater cameras of three types:

  • Mirrorless cameras
  • Compact cameras
  • dSLRs

On shooting, using the compact underwater camera, people mostly switch to a dSLR or a mirrorless camera. There are apparent advantages with the lens choices that offer different focal lengths, a large sensor, better image quality and superior optics, besides reducing the focus delays and shutter lag.

These are massive advantages, and thus shooting using a dSLR is a joy. This is the reason very few people consider it remorseful to change. Nevertheless, having in the right hands a compact camera can take shots that can rival a dSLR shot, while the advantages of dSLR shutter lag and focus delay may become less important as you take shots of non-moving subjects.

The difference

The biggest difference is between a dSLR, compact camera and a mirrorless camera as mirrorless can use different lenses, but a compact camera comes with one lens attached. This is a huge difference limiting compact camera flexibility, although the wet lenses help bridging this distance to a great extent.

Advantages of Compact underwater camera:

  • They have the ability of changing lenses even the wet lenses underwater.
  • They are smaller in size suitable for travel.
  • Less in weight that carrying is easier and beach diving simpler.
  • You can shoot video underwater. With wet lenses, shooting wide-angle, macro and video all is possible in 1 dive.